The liturgical formularies are formulations the churches approved for the rituals of the two sacraments of baptism and the Lordís Supper as well as disciplinary action, confirmation of faith and ordination of ministers of the Word, elders and deacons. It is the confirmation that the churches are united in service, doctrine and discipline. The formularies have a long history of being tried and tested in every church. This led to minor amendments and the abridgement of the formulary for celebrating the Lord Supper. Such amendments can only be made upon instruction of the general synod.

A formulary explains the relevant ceremony that will be conducted and thereby also serves to teach. Conducting the liturgy without the formulary could lead to deviation from the truth and history indeed offers up such cases. The formularies set out the principles of the baptism, the Lordís Supper, confirmation of faith, disciplinary action and function of the three offices of the church.

Then certain questions are posed to the relevant individuals and then followed by prayer, the performance of the ceremony in the presence of the congregation and concluded with a prayer of gratitude. The formulary for entering into marriage also forms part of the churchís series of formularies. Two further formularies of interest is the one for revoking the membership of a member who has failed to heed repeated admonishment and disciplinary action for some time and one for reinstating a member who has repented.

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